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""Judith Vincent

Biographical Information:

  • 1965: Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa State University of New York at Buffalo
  • 1978: Juris Doctor, Dean's List University of Minnesota
  • 1978 - present: Private Attorney with practice limited to adoption



  • American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
  • American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Academy
  • Minnesota State Bar Association
  • Hennepin County Bar Association



  • "Reforming Adoption: Putting Children First", Center of the American Experiment
  • "Independent Adoption", Minnesota Family Law Journal
  • "Adoption: What in the World is Going On?", Minnesota Family Law Journal



  • American Academy of Adoption Attorneys conferences
  • Minnesota Continuing Legal Education courses
  • Adoptive Families of American adoption workshops
  • Resolve Assisted Reproductive Technology workshops


Judith's practice is limited to adoption. She was one of the attorneys in Minnesota who opened up the state to independent adoption through court actions beginning in 1983.


After many years of opposition to independent adoption by the attorney general's office, a law defining how they can be done was passed in 1994 with significant input from Judith. She is sought out to serve on private and public task forces and panels focusing on adoption issues.


She recently was instrumental in changing Minnesota adoption law to be more "adoption friendly" through changes to existing law including establishment of a putative father registry. Her paper for the Center of the American Experience has received national recognition and comment.


Judith and her husband are the adoptive parents of two children who are now grown and have provided them with four granddaughters!


"Adoption is my life, both personally and professionally. What we must do to make adoption the wonderful option it can be for everyone is not just to say we put children's best interests first, but to actually do it. That begins by making children's best interests the basis of all adoption laws."



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