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Brittany Shively

At Shively Law Office LLC, we are passionate about helping people build their families through adoption. We are, by choice, the only law firm in Minnesota that practices exclusively in adoption related matters. Doing so has been a privilege and allowed us to develop expertise in this fulfilling area of law. It has also enabled us to forge collaborative relationships with other helpful adoption professionals.

Our singular focus and small size allow us the opportunity to give every client the individualized attention they deserve. You will never be a client number to us. We understand that even though adoption is a joyous outcome, there can be moments of significant stress along the way. We care about our clients and are committed to providing not only excellent legal representation but a compassionate, listening ear.

Please call today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation and learn how we can best assist you on your exciting adoption journey!

Gladly serving clients throughout Minnesota.

Areas of Practice

Independent Adoption

Agency Adoption

Interstate Adoption

Stepparent Adoptions

Relative Adoptions

Adult Adaptions

Foster Care Adoption

International Adoption

Birth Mother Representation


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