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Pregnant and Considering Adoption?


Pregnancy is a deeply personal experience, often brimming with a myriad of emotions and life-altering decisions. Among these decisions, you may find yourself considering adoption. If so, know that you’re not alone. Every year, countless pregnant mothers are considering the path of adoption for various unique and personal reasons. Navigating the maze of Minnesota’s adoption […]

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Adoption Laws in Minnesota


The journey to adoption is a road filled with twists and turns, navigated with both the heart and mind. Laws regarding adoption, especially in states like Minnesota, are designed with the best interest of the child at heart. However, the intricacies of these laws can be challenging to comprehend for many prospective adoptive parents. Adoption […]

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Do You Need an Adoption Attorney?


The adoption process can be an intricate dance of emotions and legalities. In the midst of this dance, an adoption attorney emerges as an indispensable partner, guiding you with precision through every step. Here are specific situations where you might need the expertise of an adoption attorney. Parental Rights and Consent: Navigating through parental rights […]

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Can I See My Baby After Placing Them for Adoption?


The decision to place a child for adoption is complex and emotionally charged. As a birth parent, you may wonder, “Can I see my baby after placing them for adoption?” Understanding the adoption process in Minnesota (MN) is essential for those considering this life-changing decision. It is a detailed, legally binding procedure often facilitated by […]

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What is an Open Adoption?


Minnesota Statute 259.83 describes the law regarding open adoption. According to it, “an agreement may be entered into between the prospective adoptive parents and a birth parent for communication or contact between the adopted minor, the adoptive parents, a birth parent, and other relatives,” thus legally recognizing open adoption in Minnesota. Open adoption refers to […]

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How to Start the Adoption Process in Minnesota


At Shively Law Office, LLC, we are passionate about helping our fellow Minnesotans build a family through adoption. In this article, we want to provide adoptive parents a guide on what they can expect as they begin the adoption process in Minnesota. Starting the Adoption Process in Minnesota 1. Check your residency status. In order […]

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