Agency Adoption

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Adoption agencies play a critical role in private adoptions. Agencies provide the home studies and placement supervision required by law, even in direct placement or independent, adoptions. Equally important, agencies provide the birth parent counseling and adoptive parent training needed to ensure that the process is informed and positive.

In an agency adoption, birth parents place their child with the agency who in turn places the child with the adoptive parents and consents to the adoption. Shively Law Office, LLC has extensive experience working with adoption agencies throughout Minnesota and the United States. We are happy to discuss which adoption agency may best fit the needs of your situation.

Although adoption agencies are skilled at supporting adoptive parents throughout the process, there are advantages to also being represented by an attorney. We have years of experience representing adoptive parents in agency adoptions. We file your petition and required documents as soon as possible and ensure that birth parent rights have been properly dealt with, including the required search of the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry. We accompany you to the final hearing and provide peace of mind that nothing unexpected will occur at the last minute.

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