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Adoptive parents dream of bringing their new child home directly from the hospital. This dream is most often realized in direct placement adoptions, also commonly referred to as independent adoptions. In order for this to occur, the adoptive parents begin by obtaining a court order prior to the child’s birth, granting them legal custody of the child upon birth. Because birth mother is placing her child directly with the adoptive parents, it is important, and the law provides, that she also has her own attorney to guide her through the process.

Shively Law Office LLC specializes in direct placement adoptions. We work closely with the birth mother’s attorney to ensure that the legal process and paperwork, including the consentto the adoption, is complete. Under Minnesota law, a birth mother must wait a minimum of 72 hours following the child’s birth before they may sign the Consent to adoption, which is then irrevocable 10 working days after it is signed. Often, the extent of a birth father’s involvement in the adoption is unclear. We are experienced at working with birth mother’s attorney to determine whether a birth father must also consent to the adoption or – as is more commonly the case – whether his rights will be dealt with according to the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry (MFAR).

Once birth parents’ rights have been satisfied, we file your petition for adoption as soon as possible, knowing that you are anxious to finalize the adoption! From pre-birth, through the final hearing, we will handle every step of the legal process so that you may focus on simply enjoying baby – and perhaps taking a nap, if possible!

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