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When we first started our adoption process, we weren’t sure what we needed to do on the
legal side of things. We were recommended to contact Shively law by our agency and we
couldn’t have been happier. Brittany and her staff were amazing. We always knew the next
steps and when we had questions, they were answered right away for us. We have used Shively
law for 2 different adoptions and would highly recommend them!

- Steve and Annie, Adoptive Parents

Brittany Shively came to us highly recommended. When we began this process my now daughter, an adult, was living in Spain: her birth country being Guatemala. Brittany was able to assess this very complicated situation and guide us along the most efficient path to accomplish our goal: to be united as mother and daughter. Along the way Brittany conveyed a sensitivity to the power and importance of our mission and at all times I felt supported by Brittany. Brittany always responded our questions in a very timely manner. I am happy to say that on October 28, 2021 the adoption was finalized and we are now legally mother and daughter - something that has been in our hearts for a very long time.

- Sandra, Adoptive Mom

I was so pleased with how communicative the office was - if I had questions or concerns you addressed them quickly. You made the process clear and simple to understand. Both my mom and I felt supported throughout the whole process. You were also great about asking for and utilizing feedback. I was really impressed with how well you integrated and were open to changing your standard process to better meet our needs. It was so great to work with you on our case. I am grateful for your hard work!

- Meg, Adult Adoptee

I was so grateful for my work with Brittany Shively. We were navigating a very complex legal process, but it was in the context of cultural and interpersonal dynamics that were equally important. Brittany was wonderful about listening deeply to me and making sure that both what we did and how we did it were respectful to all parties and our values. She made the process human and compassionate.

- Kathryn, Adoptive Mom

We had no idea what to do next when our adoption placement happened very suddenly. Brittany was immediately responsive and led us through the process. She was helpful and friendly and we are grateful for her help!

- Susan, Adoptive Mom

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