Birth Mother Representation

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Choosing adoption for your child is perhaps the most loving and difficult decision a woman will ever make. You deserve nothing less than to be treated with respect, kindness and as an equal partner in the process, fully informed of your rights. This includes the right to be represented by your own attorney, even if you are working with an adoption agency and even if others try to discourage it.

Although the thought of working with an attorney may be intimidating, Shively Law Office is
honored to work with birth mothers and help you understand your rights including;

-your right to choose the adoptive family,

-your right to receive or deny counseling about the adoption,

-your right to choose an agency to work with,

-your right to choose when and how you consent to the adoption,

-your right to receive necessary and reasonable financial assistance, and

-your right to contact with or communication regarding the child after the adoption is final.

Shively Law Office, LLC, cannot help a birth mother find or become matched with an adoptive family (Minnesota law prevents this) but we are ready and willing to represent you with excellence and understanding in all the legal aspects of your adoption.

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